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Clay S. Nelson, Founder/President


"Life Changer." "Result Producer." "Energetic, Passionate Teacher." "Accountability Partner."

Over the years, Clay Nelson’s clients have found unique ways to describe him and the work he does, but simply put, Clay is a leadership development specialist and an executive mentor. He’s also the founder of Clay Nelson Life Balance, which empowers leaders to reach their greatest potential in both their professional and personal lives. As an experienced entrepreneur and executive mentor, Clay’s 40+ years of experience enable him to relate to the work-life issues that business leaders and executives deal with every day.

The core of Clay’s executive development philosophy revolves around work-life balance and accountability for learning, growing, and then empowering others. With this philosophy as his foundation, Clay provides leaders and their teams with business and executive coaching, leadership development, team building, mediation, facilitation, planning, system analyses, and seminar leadership.

Clay’s sense of energy is contagious. Not only will you laugh during his workshops and coaching sessions, but you’ll also learn to incorporate that joy into your everyday life. Clay Nelson Life Balance proves that it’s easier and more profitable to incorporate fun into work.

Clay "created Clay Nelson Life Balance to focus on what [he] saw was a deeper need; helping people and companies fulfill their potential; maximize profits; make themselves, their clients, and their families happier; and have a lot of fun in the process." He knows the elements that make a business successful and uses his savvy intuition and uncanny ability to see into the heart of his clients to help them realize who they are, what’s stopping them from achieving the success they’re looking for, and how to create the action plan necessary to get what they say they want in any aspect of their work and personal life.

In addition to being a leadership development specialist and executive mentor, Clay is also:

Clay resides in Bozeman, Montana.

Contacting Clay

Email: clay@claynelsonlifebalance.com
Phone: 406.587.7482

Beth Geier, Managing Director

Beth Geier, Managing Director

Beth makes it possible for Clay Nelson Life Balance to make an even greater difference in the world! By assisting Clay in client relations, scheduling and managing speaking engagements and workshops, managing the creation and distribution of company communications, and cultivating relationships with like-minded organizations and individuals, Beth manages the Clay Nelson Life Balance team’s daily efforts to make a difference for everyone we serve.

Beth has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Bradley University. She began her professional career as an intern for a marketing communications firm, and prior to her graduation from Bradley University, Beth accepted a position in that firm as their Local and Regional Media Buyer. With time and experience, Beth’s responsibilities were increased to include account coordinating, and in 1998 she was promoted to Media Director. To impact the lives of others in a more meaningful way and to fulfill her goals of having more time with her family, Beth joined Clay’s team in 2000.

Beth’s outside interests and activities include supporting her daughters in their All-Star and school cheerleading activities and enjoys her role as the Administrative Mom for “The Backyard Talent Show for St. Jude,” an event started by her daughters in 2008 that has raised awareness as well as over $130,000 for the charity.

Contacting Beth

Email: beth@claynelsonlifebalance.com
Phone: 309.698.7966

Diego Berber, Webmaster

Diego Berber, Webmaster

Diego has served as the Webmaster for Clay Nelson Life Balance since 1996, taking the company's web site through several major and minor revisions over the years and keeping CNLB up to date as new technologies become available. The evolution of CNLB's products and services has required him to take on many other roles on the CNLB Team including print production artist, recording engineer and videographer. Diego holds several degrees and certificates in Graphic Arts and Business, and is a past Gutenberg Award recipient in the print design category. He owns a website and graphic design business and focuses on helping clients venture into social media as a component of their online marketing efforts. His other interests include league bowling, do-it-yourself projects around the house, and music. Diego currently resides in Santa Barbara with his wife and son.

I can honestly say that Clay Nelson is a dedicated professional whose concern is that he makes a difference with each and every person he comes in contact with. He speaks from the heart. What he teaches in all domains, especially Life Balance, Team, Delegation, Accountability, and Planning, is powerful, both personally and in business.

John Graziose

CFO, Gerber Homes, Inc.
Rochester, NY

Clay has an uncanny ability to "read" the people he is talking to and bring out sincere emotional interaction in Board Rooms to Ballrooms... More than once I have seen the wait staff serving our 100+ member association literally stop in mid stride to listen to what message Clay was bringing the crowd.

Andrew B. Phillips, Sr.
Chairman & CEO
Hill Country Integrity Homes, LLC
Kerrville, TX

As a busy, single mom working a minimum of 80 hours per week, the name of Clay’s business, “Life Balance,” struck a chord with me. I wanted to have more success without having to work all of the time... Now I think of Clay as a grandfather with a whipping stick! He holds me accountable, provides fresh perspectives, and always looks forward to the next step. By working on scheduling and organizing my time better, Clay has helped me do more of what I love and less of what I don’t.

Cora Desantis

Co-Owner of Montana Parent Magazine
Team Coordinator with Norwex
Bozeman, MT

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With 35+ years of business leadership experience, Clay understands the key elements that make a business successful. Combining this understanding with his instinctive ability to uncover the potential in you and/or your business, coaching with Clay Nelson will help you and your organization reach your greatest potential, and provide you with the tools you need to create new levels of business and personal satisfaction!

Consider the difference one phone call can make in your life. To schedule a free, half-hour coaching session call (406) 587-7482.

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