The Waiting Game

You don’t have to look very far to find someone waiting, but waiting for what? Waiting for spring, waiting for their economic situation to improve, waiting for graduation day, waiting for a new job opportunity, waiting to have more physical energy, waiting for people to wake up, waiting… waiting… waiting! Ugh!

Now, I’m not a very good “waiter” – patience isn’t a virtue I have. At times, that lack of patience has probably gotten me in some trouble. However, most of the time the unstoppable urge I have to move forward is a gift; it serves me well, and being in action can serve you well too!

Think about the times you pushed your fears or worries aside and moved forward anyway. What did you learn, what did you accomplish, and how much fun did you have? Now, think about the times that you waited… possibly too long. What did you miss out on?

For those out there fixated on their graduation day: what are you missing out on today? For those of you waiting for spring: what could you be doing NOW to be productive and ready for spring when it happens? For those of you waiting for the government to solve your problems: you may be waiting a really long time!

The longer we wait for anything, the further what we are waiting for moves away from us. We either allow our heads to cloud our direction (i.e.: fear) or our simple inaction causes us to miss out on the opportunity. We end up wasting time that none of us have the luxury of wasting.

Yes, prudence in some cases requires us to wait, but when we wait around too long – or we use caution as an anchor for our fears – our feet eventually become cemented to the ground. Do you really want to live that way? After all, even in those circumstances when we must wait, there are things we can do to be productive; we don’t have to wait to make a difference in our lives now!

Get in action:

  • Create and act on a list of (10) things you can do energize your life and have more fun NOW.
  • Make a difference for someone in a nursing home or a neighbor who is going through a difficult time.
  • Volunteer your time to a school or community center.
  • Help out at an animal shelter.

There are countless opportunities right under your nose to make a difference in your community and light you up all at the same time.

Waiting around like there is nothing more to do is senseless. In addition to being in action in your own behalf, there is no shortage of organizations/issues to be involved in that desperately need you NOW!

If you want to have a life you love, you have to choose it; you have to give up waiting, un-cement your feet from the floor and get into action. There is no other choice. Well, actually there is, but when has waiting actually served any of us well. So let’s choose something different. Choose action over inaction. Now is the time! What do you choose?

Beth Geier
Beth Geier
Managing Director at Clay Nelson Life Balance


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