Clay Nelson Life Balance Email Newsletter Shows It’s Profitable to Incorporate Fun Into Work

The complimentary email newsletter from Clay Nelson Life Balance "More than just a thought: Life in a nutshell" provides businesses and individuals with what may be missing in their lives: purpose, personal and business planning, fun, effective delegation through team management, and accountability.

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) April 5, 2006 - Clay Nelson Life Balance, committed to putting fun, family and financial freedom into everyone's business and personal lives announced today that the popular monthly newsletter More than just a thought: Life in a nutshell is available on a complimentary subscription basis. Through monthly articles, discover what is preventing you or your business from fulfilling goals and moving beyond the status quo to new, undreamed-of heights.

"I created my business to focus on what I saw was a deeper need; helping people and companies fulfill their potential; maximize profits; make themselves, their clients, and their families happier; and have a lot of fun in the process," said Clay Nelson. "By making my newsletter free to anyone via email, I hope to enrich many people's lives each and every month."

Thousands of people across the country agree that, with the services of Clay Nelson, they have found results in areas such as:

  •      improved client/customer/family relationships
  •     better health and greater happiness
  •     increased profitability
  •     management restructuring
  •     successful exit strategies
  •     career advancement
  •     increased fun and personal satisfaction

The March issue of the newsletter is available at: and includes regular columns and feature articles called: "Avoiding Critical Business Plan Mistakes and "Making the Most of Your Time at Work."

Clay founded Clay Nelson Life Balance™ to teach individuals and businesses how to set goals, target what impedes their achievement and implement plans that attain extraordinary results. Understanding your desire to be more than just comfortable in this life, Clay Nelson Life Balance™ delivers innovative programs to assist in taking you and/or your business beyond where your current imagination takes you. Clay uses his innate intuition to help people realize who they are and what's stopping them from the success they wish for. Clay has passed these techniques on to other Clay Nelson Life Balance™ clients and now wants to pass them onto you. Clay's philosophy: to give away what one has learned in life is the greatest gift one has to give.

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Santa Barbara, CA -- Consulting Services Network announces the launch of its newest division, Clay Nelson Life Balance™ and its website This division was created to bring Clay Nelson’s life balance tools to consumers worldwide.

In today’s fast-paced world, we spend so much time working - we “work, work, work, work, work, work, work” as Clay Nelson frequently states in his Personal Planning Workshop. With all that work going on, we become detached from what really matters in life - our relationships. The Clay Nelson Life Balance™ programs are designed to alter the cultures of families and companies by bringing people more present to their relationships – with themselves, their families and their businesses. The proof can be seen in David Rhodes’ company. He states that the tools used in the programs Clay offers “have made [his] company’s working environment a far more positive place, not only in communication, but attitude, and brought a team atmosphere to what can otherwise be a pretty hectic environment”. Clay teaches all of his clients that with life balance anything is possible – even bringing the fun of dating to a marriage of 22 years. “We’re back to dating again – and it’s really fun”, proclaim Donn and Maggie Adams. “Life is more fun since [we’ve brought life balance to] . . . our lives. We have rekindled our relationship, our love. We’re more present to each other and our families”, Donn continues. Clay Nelson Life Balance™ is for everyone.

Clay Nelson, president of Consulting Services Network and Clay Nelson Life Balance™, has been a successful business and life coach for over twenty-five years. Prior to starting his own consulting business, Clay was an entrepreneur in various successful enterprises. He and his family of companies are committed to putting fun, family and financial freedom into everyone’s life, and assist clients in achieving life balance and greater business success through workshops, corporate consulting and executive coaching, retreats, tele-seminars, and speaking engagements. Clay Nelson brings to the table tools that challenge the normal way of thinking and supports clients in the discovery and development of a plan for what’s next in all aspects of their lives.


Susan Nelson
CFO & Executive Coordinator, Clay Nelson Life Balance
Telephone: 406.587.7482

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