Getting what you say you want – accomplishing a personal or business goal, meeting a tight deadline, pushing through life's stops – it is all about your commitment to do so. And in order to fully commit to getting what you say you want, you have to give up having to know how to get what you want before you will commit to getting what you want! This program addresses the keys to going from uncertainty and worry over how to being unstoppable everywhere, no matter what!

Effective listening is one of the greatest gifts that you can give—to another and to yourself. This program takes a look at what it’s like to listen effectively and really get any communication and the characteristics of great/effective listeners!

If you don’t teach what you know… if you don’t give away your experience, you can’t make room for what is next for you, and making room for what is next for you is what life is all about. This program illustrates not only how to teach what you know, but what there is to learn in taking the time and opportunity to teach what you know to those around you!

01 Nov 2006

Being Present

We’ve all had moments when we’ve been driving our car and reached our destination, but don’t remember anything about the drive.  This is what we call NOT being present.  We all do it, and this program is about how to be present to our family, the conversations we are having, the jobs we have to do, and the lives we have to live, so that we don’t miss out on what there is to learn and contribute along the way.

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