Whether “your guy” won or not, the success of our collective future and your individual future does not rest in who will be sworn in to office in January! Your success and the success of our nation rests on us – the citizens of this nation – to be active participants in creating and building an outrageous future! None of us can expect to get to where we want to go, if we fail to get into action in our own behalf… and if we fail to tell those who are in leadership positions what we want! So what do you want your future to look like? And are you willing to participate to make it happen?

29 Oct 2008


The word “Truth” conjures up many thoughts about what truths one could be referring to. But the truth that I most want to address with this show is are you being true to yourself… and are you living a life that makes you happy? Asking these questions of yourself – and being truthful with the answers – could be difficult! None of us are comfortable having the “mirror” held up in front of us, but if we don’t willingly take a look at how we feel about the life we live, the person we are, and the difference we make on the planet… how do we know if we are being true to ourselves?

22 Oct 2008


Confusion comes in all shapes and sizes. There is confusion regarding how something is done, why something is done the way it is, confusion over why someone is doing what they are doing, what they are trying to say or an idea they are attempting to convey, confusion over who is supposed to be doing what, or confusion over a decision you need to make. But the truth is that “confusion” is really a result of what we are feeling about our surroundings – and our own lack of commitment. Confusion is just a place you get to in life where you forget what you are committed to!

What if every single one of us REALLY took on accountability for our own lives? Do you see how that kind of responsibility would breed responsibility everywhere? The truth is that we don’t hold those in office to the highest levels of accountability, because all of us shun accountability on some level. We all talk a good talk, but when it comes to having our feet held to the fire we make excuses for our shortcomings, our children’s shortcomings…We don’t want to make people mad, we want to be liked. Accountability in Washington D.C., accountability in our schools, accountability in our homes starts with us! When each of us individuals are willing to be accountable for doing what is within our reach… then and only then can we hold our leaders to the same standard!

01 Oct 2008


Trust is something we put out into the world - believing in the overall goodness of humanity. As our relationships and experiences expand and are generally positive, our trust deepens and grows. But when that trust is broken, it often takes a lot to repair it. Living from a place where you have no trust in the world or people around you is a hard thing to do. If you don’t believe and trust in the integrity of your connection to someplace, some person, or some thing then what do you have? To build trust in anything… or anyone… you have to first and foremost trust yourself. After all, the only person who has a say in how you think and feel is you!

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