What if every single one of us REALLY took on accountability for our own lives? Do you see how that kind of responsibility would breed responsibility everywhere? The truth is that we don’t hold those in office to the highest levels of accountability, because all of us shun accountability on some level. We all talk a good talk, but when it comes to having our feet held to the fire we make excuses for our shortcomings, our children’s shortcomings…We don’t want to make people mad, we want to be liked. Accountability in Washington D.C., accountability in our schools, accountability in our homes starts with us! When each of us individuals are willing to be accountable for doing what is within our reach… then and only then can we hold our leaders to the same standard!

01 Oct 2008


Trust is something we put out into the world - believing in the overall goodness of humanity. As our relationships and experiences expand and are generally positive, our trust deepens and grows. But when that trust is broken, it often takes a lot to repair it. Living from a place where you have no trust in the world or people around you is a hard thing to do. If you don’t believe and trust in the integrity of your connection to someplace, some person, or some thing then what do you have? To build trust in anything… or anyone… you have to first and foremost trust yourself. After all, the only person who has a say in how you think and feel is you!

We all know people who put everyone else’s needs above their own. But concentrating on the needs of others is a really great place to not have to be with ourselves. Think about it… if we actually took the time to be with the person in the mirror, would we like what we see? The truth is that it is much easier for all of us to help do for and fix others than it is to deal with ourselves. If everything you do keeps you from taking care of you… from keeping your own batteries fully charged… from being 100% happy and having fun… from taking on your own growth… then it is time to stop do-do-doing for everyone else and start doing for YOU!!

It is one thing to talk about managing change, but when the change you are faced with is so rapidly life altering, how do you really “manage” something so big; something you really don’t have a say in? Well, the solution isn’t so much in a step 1-2-3 type of answer – it is bigger than “how” you manage unexpected changes! It is up to you to make your life whatever it is you want it to be, regardless of what the world has in store. You can choose to be in action around the changes you are faced with or you can be a victim of change… the choice is yours!

The only person who can set the priorities in your life is you. You know what is important to you. And when setting priorities you have to remember to keep you first… you’ve got to take care of you first so that you have the energy (both physical and mental) to manage everything else in your life! In the midst of doing “it all”, don’t give into the temptation to drop taking care of you out!

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