No matter how difficult our personal situation may be, we all have things that we can be appreciative of. The really cool thing is that the more we openly acknowledge our appreciation, the more good and happiness that will return to us! Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true too! When we fail to show our appreciation for even the “smallest” things, eventually those around us will stop doing things for us!! The more we can look at the world from a greater perspective – appreciate the simple things in life, rather than worrying about what we don’t have – the more easily appreciation becomes part of who we are.

02 Jul 2008

Managing Chaos

Chaos is one of those things that send some people running for cover and others absolutely thrive on it! How do we manage unexpected events without going upside down? Most of us are creatures of habit, and chaos does little to calm those of us who operate from a very A + B = C existence. But the truth is that Chaos is really more of a normal occurrence than Order, and the better we are at managing the chaos in our lives the more we will learn and grow from the chaos that is around us! After all, where do we learn the most from – those things we do day in and day out OR those things that sneak into our tidy, orderly worlds?

There is something to be said for living life simply. Now, I’m not talking about selling your house and living in a tent somewhere. I’m talking about living life without so much stuff… at least the stuff that doesn’t make us happier! The truth is, for me at least, that the more stuff I have… the more things are piled around me, the less organized I am, the less peace of mind I have! The point is not to shut down your life, or your way of living if the way you are living works for you. However, if you are stretched to the maximum in terms of time, finances, serenity, and happiness… something needs to change! Change what? How about getting back to the basics of living! Maybe we could even learn something from our own children?

One thing I have learned in my 64 years on this planet is that as bad as a situation in my life might be, there is always someone, somewhere who is worse off than me! There are people out there with much bigger things going on in their lives, and what strikes me most is that those people aren’t complaining! They aren’t pouting in a corner somewhere. They are out living life… they are out creating a way around or through their circumstances. They create instead of complain!

Every single one of us has an opportunity to make a difference on this planet. No matter what our financial status might be, the color of our skin, our gender, our physical or mental abilities, where we live, the kind of car we drive or the clothes we wear - we all can make a difference! I want to encourage others to get involved and make a difference in their communities, for organizations and causes that are tugging on their hearts, and I want to show everyone that making a difference is really an easy thing to do!

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