No matter how much we have to do – no matter how much our jobs or our homes and families demand of us, everyone encounters boredom. Yet, we can’t just chuck our responsibilities out the window because we aren’t lit up about what we are doing! And besides that, what if our boredom with life isn’t about life, but instead our attitude toward life? We create our own boredom… and on the flip-side, we have the power to choose and create our own happiness.

We’re always in such a hurry to do something… to reach an end goal. We want what we want NOW, and we sometimes focus so intently on the end result, have you ever considered what you are missing out on along the way? Consider this question: What would your life’s journey be like if you slowed down enough to really enjoy getting to where you want to be? What would your life be like if you took on everything you do as if it were a garden that you are growing, nurturing, and preparing for harvest?

...and Not Having to Drive Anywhere! With prices skyrocketing – from the gas we need in our cars, to airline tickets, and the food we put on our tables – the majority of us are looking to cut back on our spending. What’s the first thing to get cut out? Entertainment and travel! Yes, the kids are groaning, because they are bored! Parents may even feel a bit stir crazy! But what if spending recreational time as a family wasn’t about the money you spend while you do what you do? What would it be like to not have to drive somewhere to be entertained, and have just as much fun, if not more fun, just being a family?

Who do we have to be to have a say in how our life turns out... even when we are faced with change that we don’t have a say in? The price of gas, the state of the economy, road construction making us late for an appointment, children growing older, the loss of a loved one — these are all examples of change that we don’t have a say in. We don’t create it, it just happens and we are left with the aftereffects. These are the very types of changes that can put us into a huge victimized pit of despair, but only if we CHOOSE to go there!!! Don’t relate to change like it is something that “just happens” and then you react to it. Think ahead about changes. Have a plan, and then choose to live it!

Disappointment is a reality of life. The odds of being successful in everything we do is very small and besides, if we only do the things that we are sure to excel at, then we probably aren’t reaching high enough! But when we are disappointed it can hit us hard. So what do you do? How do you deal with the disappointment you’ve encountered?

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