The New Year is well on its way! Are left wondering why your life didn’t take on a magical metamorphosis when the clock stuck midnight on January 1st? You aren’t alone. We live in hope that the New Year means exciting changes in our life. But, in reality the New Year is just a new year… nothing else. So, do you want to light up your 2017? Take control of your life NOW with these simple suggestions:

Take care of yourself first.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to get back to the gym, but have yet to even step near one? If you don't 100% commit to your well-being and actually be in action around what you say you want, the status quo is all you can ever expect to have.

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christmas, x-mas, winter, happiness concept - dreaming girl in sFollowing is something that was written several years ago by a dear young friend of mine and printed in her local newspaper:

Christmas is a special to me because I like to go to Mass with my grandma and grandpa. We eat with them too. My mom makes chicken cordon bleu. In the morning we open up presents. Christmas is my favorite holiday.  — As written by a very smart little girl in the second grade

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“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life—happiness, freedom, and peace of mind—are always attained by giving them to someone else.”  —Peyton Conway March

bigstock-151862408What do you think of when you hear the word “generosity”? Generosity is often seen as giving time or money, but it is about so much more. It is about generosity of spirit and the intention with which we give to others. As adults, from time to time, we all act in less than generous ways—cutting people off in traffic or blaming the airline reservations clerk when the plane is late because of a thunderstorm. We later regret our behavior.

Choosing to be generous, instead, can lighten, brighten and enhance your whole day. True generosity comes from the heart, willingly and bountifully, with no expectations for a particular personal reward in mind. Not only that, it’s FUN!

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Stressed santa with his hands on head against glowing christmasAs the holidays roll around, I always find that there is this jumble of excitement and dread in the people I talk to. This year seems a bit heavy on the side of dread, and lost beneath the dread is the inner child of many just begging to come out and play. For some finances are getting them down. For others the pressures at work or within the family have them dreading the end of the year, and for others it is their own uncertainty about what they want in their lives that have them feeling unsettled.

If the holidays have you feeling somewhere between happy and downright terrified, what can you do to embrace your inner child this holiday season?

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The holiday season is officially upon us, and people are already feeling stressed as they attempt to create a perfect holiday. Some are worried about house guests and dinner menus while others are concerned with finding just the right gift. Then there are those who are just downright worn out and don’t know how they are going to fit it all in!

It seems that the desire to live up to the image of the perfectly roasted turkey on the perfectly set table, with perfectly dressed and mannered people all around has driven many of us to the point of dreading the holidays. Yet, in our heart-of hearts we know that the image we strive to live up to is nothing more than a manufactured view of “perfection”. No one can possibly be that perfect!

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