I’ve said it thousands of times, “I am the only person who has a say in how my life turns out!” Yet, there are days that I’m left scratching my head in bewilderment. The fishing I had planned… it isn’t happening. The grass I had planned to be mowing by now… it’s covered by snow. The world and all its upsets… it doesn’t look the way I think it should.

Clearly, there are many things that we can’t control, but what we CAN control is our reactions to the world around us. I choose whether or not to embrace these late Spring snows. I choose to be happy or not in an increasingly negative world. You can too! Choose to BE who you say you are no matter what the world throws at you.

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

Very rarely do we say just the right thing… in just the right way… and, even rarer is what we say being heard in the way it was intended! So, when you catch yourself saying the wrong thing, instead of wishing you could “pause” your communication, rewind, and then re-record:

1) Forgive yourself, 2) Clean up your communication misstep, and 3) Move on!

All we have in the domain of communication is the ability to forgive ourselves and restart. All we can do is dance with what we have in front of us, and isn’t that what life is about anyway?

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

Picture this: You are working toward a goal, but you don’t get to where you said you were going to be by-when you said you’d be there. And, out of frustration, and maybe even embarrassment, you stop working toward that goal. You get stuck! So, let me ask you this: are you a bad person for not reaching your goal by-when you said you would? Absolutely not!!

Every single person on this planet has been through this type of scenario in their life, and if they say they haven’t, they are lying. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck by what you haven’t completed. Instead, recommit to getting what you say you want, have a plan that includes specific by-when dates, be in action, ask for help and accountability, and never ever give up!

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

Simply take the negative out of the definition of impossible, and you get the definition of possible. Now, consider what it would be like if, when you are feeling stuck, you changed your thinking from negative to positive. How much more would you be able to accomplish?

Your mind is an incredibly powerful and creative “make it up machine.” If you use it wisely and choose to be positive, eventually your life will become more positive; the impossible becomes possible, and it is in possibilities that what you want to accomplish and who you choose to be is limitless!

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

Have you ever been standing somewhere when, all of a sudden, music in the background gains your attention? Your foot starts tapping and your backside might even wiggle. You find that your shoulders begin to slightly move side-to-side and a little smile makes its way across your face. Those things are exactly what happened to me when I came across Pharrell Williams’ 24 Hours of “Happy” video.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a catchy tune, or snappy dance moves to lighten your mood! Yes, at times circumstances totally stink, but they only have the power to consume you if you allow them too. So, check it out: www.24hoursofhappy.com

Get happy and help others get happy too!

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

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