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Whether you need executive coaching, construction business coaching, communication coaching, or life coaching, Clay Nelson's end goal remains the same: to help you get what you say you want by the time you say you want to have it!

Clay's coaching methods focus on the question, not the answer; on moving you to a place where you can discover what's next for your and/or your company's future.

To help you achieve greater results faster, Clay Nelson begins by teaching balance. This involves:

  • showing you how to keep your personal batteries charged,
  • helping you find the answer to whatever is preventing you from moving forward, and
  • guiding you in the creation of plans for what's next and holding you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do!

Clay understands the key elements that make a business and life successful. Over the course of 35+ years in business leadership, Clay has combined his knowledge with an instinctive ability to uncover true potential. Clay Nelson Coaching will help you and your organization reach your greatest potential by providing you with no-nonsense tools to create new levels of business, personal, and interpersonal satisfaction!

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Executive Coaching

Clay Nelson Executive Coaching helps business leaders improve their companies, their work lives, and their personal lives by examining work-life balance, planning, team building, leadership development, visionary thinking, communication, and accountability.

Life Coaching

Similar to Executive Coaching, your personal life drives the focus of Life Coaching. To help you create greater happiness, fulfillment, and personal success, Clay draws on his innate ability to listen beyond what is being said, reaching the heart of the matter.

Communication Coaching

With Communication Coaching, Clay Nelson drives families, businesses, and non-profit organizations to create a culture of full and complete communication.

Construction Business Coaching

With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, Clay Nelson Construction Business Coaching challenges business leaders to tackle industry-specific issues across all spectrums of their business.

Clay opened my eyes to the fact that I am in control of my life and that I have the power and ability to make it what I want it to be.

Trevor Pierson
Black Mountain Architecture
Bozeman, MT

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I started seeing Clay to work through some career doldrums. He has challenged me in ways I never expected, both personally and professionally. I'm now seeing opportunities in a new light and have new tools at my disposal when I need them. Clay is tough but that's exactly what was needed to push me past what was holding me back.

Ken F.

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With 35+ years of business leadership experience, Clay understands the key elements that make a business successful. Combining this understanding with his instinctive ability to uncover the potential in you and/or your business, coaching with Clay Nelson will help you and your organization reach your greatest potential, and provide you with the tools you need to create new levels of business and personal satisfaction!

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