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Construction Business CoachingA dynamic and experienced construction business coach, Clay Nelson guides construction industry leaders to tackle the issues that cross all aspects of their business. With Clay’s help, construction industry leaders produce faster results, improve their bottom lines, and get exactly what they say they want, by when they say they want it!

How does he do it?

Clay Nelson's Construction Business Coaching gets results with expert planning, accountability and mentoring tools crafted over 35+ years in the industry as a talented tradesman, construction business owner, construction business coach, speaker, and author.

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Southern Building Show 2010 - Interview

May 13 - 15, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia

Randall Soules of RemodelerBiz conducted an interview with Clay Nelson at the 2010 Southern Building Show. Clay talks about his background and experiences in the construction industry and the importance of replacing yourself and preparing for what's next for you and your business.

Clay helped me save my company and restore hope in living a fun, meaningful life the way I want to live it...It’s incredible.

Matt Schuyler
ST Custom Homes
Bozeman, MT

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Clay opened my eyes to the fact that I am in control of my life and that I have the power and ability to make it what I want it to be.

Trevor Pierson
Black Mountain Architecture
Bozeman, MT

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I never imagined getting clear about what I want could be as simple and straight forward as it is.

John Graziose
CFO Gerber Homes, NY

My company and personal goals are being met faster than I had even planned now that I have a vision and plan for my future.

Phil Gaskill
President Gaskill Custom Homes, CA

Our repeatedly achieved goals once thought to be impossible have left me in a state of astonished gratitude for what Clay Nelson has helped us accomplish.

Andy Phillips
President Andy Phillips Realty, TX

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6 Steps for Building a Powerful Team

Putting the fate of what you are ultimately responsible for into the hands of others can be downright terrifying. So, it likely comes as no surprise when you find yourself retreating into the feeling of “Only I Can Do It.” Yet, if you could get to where you are going without a team, you would be there already! Would you like help building a powerful team?

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With 35+ years of business leadership experience, Clay understands the key elements that make a business successful. Combining this understanding with his instinctive ability to uncover the potential in you and/or your business, coaching with Clay Nelson will help you and your organization reach your greatest potential, and provide you with the tools you need to create new levels of business and personal satisfaction!

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