Getting Started Series – Download


Getting Started Series – Download

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Reclaim your right to have a say in how your life turns out with this 3-volume downloadable set. Learn tools that will help fuel your passion, get you back on track and past the stops that have slowed you down, and show you how to live a life filled with purpose and excitement for living.

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Have you reached a placed where you’ve begun to wonder if there is a way to live a more fulfilling life? There is. You may be very successful and happy, but does there seem to be something missing? There is. You and your family may have all you want, but are you satisfied or are you wondering what else is out there for you? There is! Anyone asking themselves these questions is ready to get started on a new path of growth and opportunity, and this audio series will give you the tools you need to get started on your journey.

The 3-volume Getting Started Series from Clay Nelson Life Balance™ will help you reclaim your right to have a say in how your life turns out. You’ll learn tools that will help fuel your passion, get back on track and past the stops that have gotten in your way, and show you how to live a life filled with purpose and excitement for living your best life now!

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Volume 1. Creating Your Purpose

The key to unlocking your greatest potential

Volume 2. How to Let Fear Serve You

How to not be stopped by fear

Volume 3. Commitment

Getting past "Why do I have to grow?"

Accountability Workbook

BONUS - The Accountability Workbook

We're including our Accountability Workbook free of charge with your purchase, a $25 value! Discover the planning and tracking tools that thousands of our Personal Planning Workshop graduates already have. Use these tools to hold yourself accountable, and to ask others to hold you accountable, for getting what you say you want, by-when you say you want it!

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The Balanced Life eBook Cover

SECOND BONUS - The Balanced Life eBook

We're also including The Balanced Life eBook free of charge with your purchase, a $20 value! The Third Edition of this eBook contains some of our most widely requested articles and life balance tools.

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6 reviews for Getting Started Series – Download

  1. Cheryl Carvalho (verified owner)

    Listening to and actively participating with the wisdom on this CD will reveal your true purpose of life. Once you’ve discovered who you are, you’ll be taught to harness this truth and craft your personal Purpose Statement that will act as a lifetime guide. You give it power, it gives you motivation to get unstuck and live your ultimate potential. This is what I designed for my purpose statement after listening to the CD: Next up…. WHO I AM!!!

    Who I Am is JOY. Who I am is the thrill of creating and discovery and sharing that beauty with others. Who I am is Grateful. Who I am is showing others they matter.

  2. Karen Dickey (verified owner)

    “Enthusiastic, yet Focused!” “Rejuvenated and Ready to Rock!” These are the things that I’m feeling as I finish the Getting Started CD series. I’m anxious to begin the steps, with clarity and a sense of calm, knowing that I have a very useful tool with Clay Nelson Life Balance.

  3. Jirina Pfeil (verified owner)

    What I gained from this first CD is that I am the only one who decides how my life is going to turn out. I have choices. I can either watch life happen to me or take the reigns in my hands and start steering my life in the direction(s) I want it to go. Only I have a say in who I choose to be and what my life is going to be. These are very powerful words that are exhilarating, but frightening at the same time.

    Even though I don’t have my Purpose Statement yet, I started to think and remind myself constantly about being present in situations and conversations and asking myself what’s missing. And yes, that’s very hard. I sometimes have to stop my kids from telling me a story and ask them to start over because I just wasn’t following them. I was thinking about 100 different things!!!

  4. Andy Phillips (verified owner)

    In modern history have we ever needed clear direction, wisdom, logical thinking MORE than we need it TODAY in the midst of a raging pandemic, social unrest, unraveling society, plummeting economy and a complete lack of logic in our everyday world?

    Enter Clay Nelson Life Balance. Do yourself a HUGE favor and organize your mind, your life, your business and personal affairs through a thoughtful process explained precisely in how to do it by a coach who has lived it all and knows how to explain it!

    Clay has simplified the process and made it affordable for absolutely anyone. Get the CD’s. Open your mind and learn how to deal with life’s challenges as well as your own.

    I did and BOY, am I glad!

  5. Elizabeth Ashley (verified owner)

    I never really accepted that I am in fact a leader. I was always so afraid to show up not only for myself but for the people I cared for most. Always believing I was going to get it wrong or not do it right. Thank you Clay for shaking me up a little and showing me that even though I may not be in front of thousands of people everyday, I am still able to make a difference for the person sitting right in front of me. Having clarity around why I was being stopped really helped me understand how to maneuver and get comfortable with the putting myself out there. I still to this day use my purpose statement as a reminder of how powerful I am and how much my energy is needed in this world.

  6. Mike Whittaker (verified owner)

    I met Clay in 1984 and he was very motivating. Moving forward another 3 and a half decades, I listened to the Getting Started CD Series, and Clay, again, made me aware about looking at myself, defining my purpose and making commitments in my personal and business life. Clay showed me the importance of what having a Life Teacher (Coach) is all about; someone to push you and show you how to push forward and enjoy life without burning yourself out. Today, I am a musician and still use the same motivation I did when we first met. Thank you Clay!

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