Moving You Forward Book – Download

Moving You Forward Book – Download


Moving You Forward: One Thought at a Time PDF downloadable edition is a compilation of Clay Nelson’s very popular bi-monthly Just a Thoughts, which have been shared via email with thousands of people over the last 10 years.

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Organized by category, Moving You Forward: One Thought at a Time contains the lessons, motivation, and inspiration you need to keep your life moving forward! Each lesson contained in every thought stands powerfully on its own. Yet, when these thoughts are put together, you have an outrageous tool to help you stay present to your power, overcome complacency, be a better leader, and choose to live the life you say you want to have… no matter what!

Read a whole chapter, or take in each thought one-at-a-time, and allow the thoughts this book contains, move you forward one thought…one day… and even one hour at a time.

Get present to your power… Choose to be unstoppable!

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  1. Ken Rockefeller (verified owner)

    It took me almost two months to discover the real meaning behind Chapter 10: Thoughts on Communication. To actually have my brain be wherever my feet are. Wow! You mean I can really be with who I am with and really listen to what they have to say when they are speaking? What an idea! It took weeks of practice and I believe I’m finally able to do it. Thank you very much for the teaching. Took me almost 60 years to learn this and I finally got it. Thanks!

  2. Gene Tyler (verified owner)

    I just thought I’d tell you that I have read chapter 4 about leadership over 50 times! Reminds me of, “Why do I have to grow? Why can’t they grow?” Those questions have been a part of my life for over 40 years! Your explanation is so simple and clear you just made me smile. Thank you very much for that. And anybody that reads about leadership will end up having a complete understanding of what is meant by the word leadership. Thank you very much for taking the time to put this book together.

  3. Alice James (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed and been inspired by reading your book. Your thoughts on topics, like family time, the New Year, change, complacency, fear, and many more, are addressed with 5 or 6 thoughts in a chapter to ponder for whatever your situation(s) may be. I appreciate the mindfulness that you’ve put into each thought. They are understandable and easy to incorporate into our everyday life and I have done just that over the last few years. I highly recommend your book to anyone willing to be inspired and motivated in their life. Thank you!

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