The Marketing Workbook

The Marketing Workbook


Unless you market your products and/or services, the growth of your business is stymied from the start. So rather than avoid marketing, why not approach marketing from a place that is fun and invigorating? The new second edition of The Marketing Workbook, written by the team at Clay Nelson Life Balance™, will help you do just that!

Available as an Acrobat PDF.

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From a detailed look at the "Four Ps"of marketing and how they apply to your marketing plan to developing your promotional plan, The Marketing Workbook is a fun and phenomenally easy to use tool that will help you create the written marketing plan for achieving what you say you want to have, by-when you say you want it!

The Marketing Workbook includes:

  • A step-by-step workbook guide for writing your marketing plan that asks the questions you need to answer in order to create an outrageous marketing plan for getting what you say you want
  • Real-world examples written in easy to understand terms
  • Fun, motivation, and practical tools that will allow you to develop a solid plan for marketing your products and/or services

Available as an Acrobat PDF.


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