Getting Started Series: Commitment

Getting Started Series

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Tracks in this Series

1. Creating Your Purpose
The key to unlocking your greatest potential

2. How to Let Fear Serve You
How to not be stopped by fear

3. Commitment
Getting past "Why do I have to grow?"

Getting Past "Why do I have to grow?"

As adults we have taken on a way of being where we have to have the answer and know how to do something before we will commit to doing it! And, you can absolutely forget doing anything that could possibly make you look bad! Children on the other hand commit first and the “how” just shows up! They aren’t worried about looking good, children aren’t worried about doing it right, and they certainly don’t resist learning and growing. They simply step up to the plate committed to making whatever they want happen, and it does! Part #3 of the Getting Started series will help you take on commitment the same way children do. “I don’t know,” will no longer stop you, and instead become the catalyst you need to get to where you say you want to go.

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