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Clay is back behind the microphone and recording new podcasts as of July 2019!

The Clay Nelson Life Balance Podcast, created with all new content and also from previously recorded episodes of the Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour radio program and other Clay Nelson Life Balance presentations, take Clay's motivational message to iPhones, Android, and other popular media players for viewing and listening at your convenience — in the car, at the gym, anywhere you go!

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Some past episodes of the Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour are available in streaming video. Browse or search our show archives.

Download the Podcasts

Are you looking for the simplest way possible to download the audio versions of the Clay Nelson Life Balance Hour? We've had several requests for direct downloads, and you can listen to the shows you download using your computer's built-in media player. If you want to download manually, browse or search our show archives and click the download links for the episodes you want.

How to Subscribe to the Podcast

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If you missed any of our live podcasts, or would like your own archive of the podcast to listen to at your convenience, subscribe to our free podcast at the iTunes Music Store! Users of Apple iTunes can subscribe with just a click.

Instructions for Do-it-Yourselfers

If you're using a media player other than iTunes, or just want to subscribe manually, right-click and copy the link below and use it with the Subscribe feature in your media player. The procedure will vary slightly depending on which software you use.

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Consider the difference one phone call can make in your life. To schedule your free, half-hour coaching session, please call me at (406) 587-7482.

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