Speaking Testimonials

Below are attendee comments from events and conferences with Clay Nelson as a featured speaker, organized by event and speaking topic.

Replacing the Irreplaceable You

International Pool Spa Patio Expo, November 2010

Hi Clay, I found your workshop the finest in all that I took in Vegas last year, I have been listening to the cd’s that I won and am passing them on to others that I think are similar to me in actions. I am setting my goal this year to spend more time delegating and leave more time for my family and myself! Thought I should share it with you. I hope you have a great year in 2011!

This is an excellent seminar.

Very glad [IPSPE] brought you back!

I liked the class interaction, and great info too.

Thanks Clay. Awesome presentation!

Being Unstoppable in an Often Stopped World

Remodeling Show, October 2010

The speaker was to the point and eye–opening. This course made me realize my life flaws. I feel this gave me a new perspective on life management.


Not the typical presentation. Not what I expected. Very good stuff; basic but true.

This presentation was right on...convinced me (yet once again) I am on the right path with life balance, family, fun and finance. Thank you.

[Clay is] very good at getting through to the listener. [The program contained] real world, real life advice to get what we want.

Clay always has new, current ideas… always life changing.

Real world - real stuff - great class!

This was a good class for all business and is a needed class.

Very interested in the topics [Clay] covered about self directing.

My eyes opened. [Clay] you gave me hope.

[Clay's presentation] hit the core issues that stop us from being successful.

Clay knew his presentation. The PowerPoint presentation was supplemental, not dependent on it.

Made me more aware of what I need to do to get what I want and gave me a plan to make a plan.

This course was perfect for first thing in the morning at the beginning of the show.

This presentation enforced what I already believe and motivated me to press on! Thanks! God Bless.

You’ve inspired me to go home and write a business plan, marketing plan, and a life plan. Thank you!

Brutally honest; Clay hit home with human truths that I needed to hear.

Communication at the Jobsite

Remodeling Show, October 2010

Clay Nelson is a great speaker with practical teaching for today.

Life changing in all facets of our life… Great order of things… Active subject

Invaluable tools...usable in all aspects of life...Clay Nelson is a great speaker, informative and entertaining in a no nonsense sort of way. Bravo!

I will change my communication practices with my co-workers and family and friends as a result of your program.

Very helpful in understanding what works and what doesn't work to get your knowledge into your team's head and how to work as a team effectively.

Very good positive way to deal with others.

Clay Nelson is a very good speaker and informative.

Good content! Better communication will create a better team! Better team will help me work the plan.

Great presentation!

It was very good. Understanding others at work is harder than sales!

Great class.

Seminar on communication was communicated efficiently and effectively.

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Remodeling Show

"Above knowing your material and your comfort in presenting your ideas Clay, you also know your audience and have a genuine one-on-one style in your presentations. The room could have 100 people but the interaction feels personal. It is no wonder the course evaluations we have received from your presentations gave you the highest ranking in speaker performance of all our presenters."

Paul Treanor
Sr. Conference Manager
Remodeling Show

NAHB Custom Builders Symposium

"Clay is an energetic, passionate teacher who loves making a difference for those he has the opportunity to be with! To any conference manager or committee who is considering Clay Nelson as a speaker for an upcoming event, I recommend him highly!"

Stephen K. Hann
President, Hann Builders

Gerber Homes

"Clay Nelson is a dedicated professional whose concern is that he makes a difference with each and every person he comes in contact with...Clay's presentations are engaging, well organized and the accompanying handouts provide a great backup to the information presented."

John Graziose
CFO, Gerber Homes, Inc.

Texas Hill Country Home Builders Association

"Clay has an uncanny ability to "read" the people he is talking to and bring out sincere emotional interaction in Board Rooms to Ballrooms...More than once I have seen the wait staff serving our 100+ member association literally stop in mid stride to listen to what message Clay was bringing the crowd."

Andrew B. Phillips, Sr.
Chairman & CEO
Hill Country Integrity Homes, LLC

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