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P-L-A-N is Not a Dirty Word

This program addresses the excuses business owners give for not writing their business plan. We’ll debunk the planning myths and you will learn the value of writing your plan—it isn’t what you think it is—and the most common planning mistakes to avoid.

The Ins, Outs, and Have-tos of Succession Planning

Planning an exit strategy for a business that you’ve grown over the last several decades is difficult. After all, who could possibly continue to do what you’ve done so well? Who can you trust to take care of a business that has been such a huge part of your life? These are just a few of the issues this program addresses as we break down the questions that every business owner needs to ask as they look to move on to what’s next for their business and their own life!

Think Before You Jump:
Choosing the Right Opportunity for You

When faced with trying market conditions, survival often depends on your ability to adapt the latest innovations to your business. So how do you know which opportunity is the “right” opportunity? This program provides attendees with the insight and tools necessary to take the “jump” impulse out of the decision making process, and replace it with a strategic mind-set based upon what you truly want for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Strengthening the Foundation of your Business (and Your Life)

Without a solid foundation for your business and life, no amount of stimulus or economic recovery will rescue your company in difficult times. This program takes you step-by-step through the footings of your business (and your life) to solidify your foundation and position you and your team to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Getting What You Say You Want:
Business Planning Made Fun & Easy

This program includes all of the content of “P-L-A-N is Not a Dirty Word” and takes it to another level by adding in-depth discussion and instruction about necessary content and formatting for your written business plans. [Three hour program length – minimum]

Beyond Success: What’s Next and How Do I Get There?

Are you:

  • highly successful and worn-out;
  • considering what’s next for you and your organization; or
  • so mired in the daily grind that your passion for taking the next steps toward your future successes is waning?

“Beyond Success: What’s Next & How Do I Get There?” asks business leaders to ponder the possibilities of what’s next for their future, prompts them into action, and shows them how to overcome roadblocks to create the life and business they say they want. This presentation asks the critical questions: What’s next for me and how am I going to get there? [Three hour program length – minimum]

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I've attended the WOC for 15 years. [Clay’s class was] One of the best classes I've attended.

World of Concrete Participant, 2009

[Getting What You Say You Want: Business Planning Made Fun & Easy was the] Best seminar I had at this expo!

International Pool Spa Patio Expo Participant, 2008

You’ve inspired me to go home and write a business plan, marketing plan, and a life plan. Thank you!

Being Unstoppable in an Often Stopped World Participant
Remodeling Show, 2010

Brutally honest; Clay hit home with human truths that I needed to hear.

Being Unstoppable in an Often Stopped World Participant
Remodeling Show, 2010

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6 Steps for Building a Powerful Team

Putting the fate of what you are ultimately responsible for into the hands of others can be downright terrifying. So, it likely comes as no surprise when you find yourself retreating into the feeling of “Only I Can Do It.” Yet, if you could get to where you are going without a team, you would be there already! Would you like help building a powerful team?

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