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Replacing the Seemingly Irreplaceable You

“Replace me, impossible!” It often feels that way, but the only way you’ll have the freedom to grow your organization and excel at what you do, retire, or have a life is to replace yourself! Learn how to stop doing it all, build a team of leaders, and successfully move on to what’s next!

Taking Micro Out of Your Management Style

A thin line exists between “staying on top of it” and hovering over your team. Crossing that line and becoming a micromanager leads to problems, from communication and trust issues to wearing yourself out! During this program, discover how to stop micromanaging your team, build trust, become a phenomenal teacher, and be a more effective and efficient team manager.

Leaders Growing Leaders

All too often, leadership training consists of throwing team members into the fire and having them figure it out haphazardly. In today’s challenging times, companies can’t afford to have their leaders—those responsible for sustaining the company’s direction, motivation, and profitability—be anything but the leaders they pay them to be. This program helps leaders get in touch with who they are as leaders, what their jobs as leaders really are, and how they, as leaders, can build a successful team with more powerful leaders!

Curing the “Only I Can Do It” Syndrome

Successful team building leads to more efficient work completion, improved job satisfaction and communication, increased bottom line profitability, and to happier leaders and teams who create an atmosphere of FUN throughout the day. To grow your organization, you have to grow your team. And you can’t grow your team without first curing the “Only I Can Do It” Syndrome! In this program discover the steps to giving up your "do it all" habits and how to build an amazing team.

Accountability = Success

One of the most consistent complaints leaders and managers have is a lack of accountability. This lack may come from outside suppliers or from those on their own team. It isn’t because their team members are bad people. Many just don’t understand what accountability really means. Others hide from being held accountable. It doesn’t have to be that way. Accountability is a tool you can use to create fun, excitement, and to take the guesswork out of what is expected from whom and by when! During this course, discover the tools you and your team need to set and track goals, ask for help, communicate effectively, and make accountability a part of your toolbox for success!

Effective Delegation through Team Management

Effective delegation requires full and complete communication, accountability, and a commitment to growing your organization, your team, and even yourself! How you manage and lead your team and the systems you have in place are critical to each and every step. This program explores not only how to delegate, but demonstrates tools you can enact to ensure your team’s understanding of the role they play in the overall success of the organization.

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Excellent material, delivered in a down-to-earth manner that hits home.

Construct Show Participant

Clay is right on with his content and delivery. I could literally spend all day with him.

Construct Show Participant

I found your workshop the finest in all that I took in Vegas last year, I have been listening to the CDs that I won and am passing them on to others that I think are similar to me in actions. I am setting my goal this year to spend more time delegating and leave more time for my family and myself!

Replacing the Irreplaceable You Participant
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6 Steps for Building a Powerful Team

Putting the fate of what you are ultimately responsible for into the hands of others can be downright terrifying. So, it likely comes as no surprise when you find yourself retreating into the feeling of “Only I Can Do It.” Yet, if you could get to where you are going without a team, you would be there already! Would you like help building a powerful team?

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