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Please note: All programs are customized to each audience, but if you are interested in a topic that you don’t see here, please inquire. We often create new programs when requested.

Embracing the Gold

In every downturn or disappointment, a lesson can be learned; there is gold to be embraced. This program helps you escape negative thinking and find the golden eggs. Focusing on what you learn during lean times will show you how you to make a difference in your organization moving forward!

Implementing What You’ve Learned. Teaching What You Know.

How often do you attend a conference, get excited about what you learned, and never implement any of it? Don’t let that happen again. Learn how to implement what you learn at this event, teach what you know, and reap the benefits!

Your Work. Your Life. How to Balance this Juggling Act

What if you actually had time for a life and a successful career? You can! Finding a balance between work and life is one of our greatest challenges. Yet the answer to creating this balance is simple. It just requires that you integrate 4 key issues—Taking Care of You (Balance), Commitment, Team, and Leadership—into all aspects of your work and life. This topic could also be conducted as a 3-hour workshop session.

How to Have Fear Serve You, Instead of Stop You

Fear stops many people from stepping out of their personal comfort zone and taking chances necessary to grow personally and/or professionally. The good news is that it does not have to stop you! “How to Have Fear Serve You” teaches you how to view fear as a friend rather than a foe. This powerful tool fuels solutions and turns challenges into opportunities!

Managing the Change Orders of Life

Change is constant. Don’t shrink in reaction to it. Use change to create opportunity! Learn how to manage change and communicate in a way that creates fantastic results, regardless of the change that life brings your way.

“Because I told you so…”: Communication at the Jobsite

Anyone who has worked on a jobsite knows that communication is often a challenge. Multiple teams at multiple locations make it easy for communication to break down (e.g. the field to main office and primary leadership to superintendent to field crew). Yet the key to complete success with every job, big or small, is full and complete communication everywhere and at all times! During this program we break down the issues that get in the way of complete communication at the jobsite, provide easy-to-implement solutions, and help you get on the road to great communication on the job.

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Outstanding and insightful. Thank you!

International Pool Spa Patio Expo Participant, 2008

I was ‘wowed’!

Construct Show Participant

Invaluable tools...usable in all aspects of life...Clay Nelson is a great speaker, informative and entertaining in a no nonsense sort of way. Bravo!

Communication at the Jobsite Participant
Remodeling Show, 2010

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