Change can be difficult to deal with. Big or small, change is like a curve ball being thrown at a batter that is expecting a completely different pitch.

Change is difficult to dance with because even we like to think we know how something is going to turn out. We like to think that we know how the people around us are going to act. Yet, as change has shown us
time and time again, we cannot possibly know any of it!

Change is a normal part of life. It is what keeps life interesting, our hearts pounding, and our minds creating. Change can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. It can also unexpectedly turn our plans upside down. Yet, living with change, and successfully dealing with it, is about how we dance with the changes of life. Successfully managing change is about how we choose to behave in the face of the good, bad, and sometimes the ugly… it is about who we choose to be.

So, before you react to any curve balls headed your way, stop and think. Give up your preconceived notions about what you believe, and instead look for the gold be whomever you need to be to get through the change and stay on top. If you do, I guarantee you will have found a golden nugget or two along the way that you would not have found otherwise.

Savor those nuggets of ideas, friendship, love, and understanding. Without the change orders of life, you wouldn’t have found those golden nuggets at all.

You ChangeMost of us have a jar that accumulates our monetary change over time. We do this because change is a pain! It's heavy and rattles around in our pockets or purses when we try to carry it around. It's uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Yet, change is unavoidable, and the way we manage monetary change in our lives is the same way many people deal with change in general.

Our bodies change in even the smallest of ways each and every second as we age. The seasons change. Our children grow and learn (changing as they go). The world changes; admittedly not always for the good, but it is change nonetheless. So, with all of this change around us, you’d think we would be used to change by now. You would think that we had figured out how to manage it and stopped fearing the change in our lives. Yet, we still fear change… run from it… attempt to compartmentalize it in an effort to keep it at bay!

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Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones sign with a desert baChange is everywhere, and none of us are immune to its effects. Just one change across the world can create a ripple effect that we all feel, let alone the ripples we feel from the change happening in our own homes and businesses. The current economic climate around the globe is a perfect example of that, and to have the life and business you say you want to have, you’ve got to be in action… not reaction… to the change around you! Meaning you can’t live life hiding under your covers. As a leader, you’ve got to be out in the world dancing with what the world throws at you! You have to be an emissary of change.

How to Be an Emissary of Change

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The Change 7Recently I was invited to co-author The Change 7: Insights into Self-empowerment with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, two incredible men with decades of combined experience making a difference for those searching to change their businesses and personal lives on a major scale. Along with 19 other personal development experts from around the world, I took them up on their offer, and what I’ve gotten out of this journey to-date is far more than what is sure to be a best-selling book. You see, just when I thought I had life all figured out, I rediscovered just how much there is still to learn.

No matter our age, our experience, or the number of wrinkles in ones brow, we never ever stop learning, growing, and teaching.

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Spring has about sprung, and the change in season brings with it a sense of renewal and new beginnings. I don’t know about you, but the change from winter to spring just puts a smile on my face! Now, if this seasonal change can have such a positive influence, why is day-to-day change so difficult to embrace?

Just like the changing season brings new experiences to your senses, change in your day-to-day life brings with it a host of new opportunities too! So, stop living in fear of change. Embrace it instead! Embracing change does not have to be difficult. Create a written plan of action, live your plan, ask for help, and be unstoppable everywhere.

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

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