Some people think being unstoppable is about having an attitude—like being bossy, pushy or arrogant. Others think it’s all about knowing how to do everything.

Actually, being unstoppable is not about knowledge or having an attitude—it’s all about who you are being in the face of your circumstances. Being unstoppable is the difference between letting your circumstances dictate how your life goes and you creating your own circumstances! So, what does being unstoppable look like?

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Smiling young woman on a scooter outdoors. Focus on scooterSummer is a time to linger outside just a bit longer, enjoy frequent gatherings with friends, watch the kiddos in our lives play ball, road trip to our favorite vacation spots, and any other number of summertime favorites. Summertime is also a season of great distraction, and if we aren’t careful summertime can slow us down to a point where progress toward the goals we set in January is stymied.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be enjoying all that summertime brings, but in doing so, you do not have to give up your focus either! There are ways you can stay focused despite summertime distractions:

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" Even if you're on the right track,  you'll get run over if you just sit there." ~Will Rogers~

Action Changes Things AcronymDo you ever sit around and analyze (and over-analyze) why you haven’t produced the results you are committed to producing? Do you surround yourself with spreadsheets, charts, lists, analyses, and other research tools? Do you keep waiting for things to change so conditions are optimum before you take the first step? Well, guess what? This is it. You have no other time. Your life is not a dress rehearsal. If you want something, now is the time to go for it. Do something, and do something now. You can spend your whole life looking for the answer to the question “why?” and it won’t change anything about the present, and won’t create anything for the future. 

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Fall is in the air and that means the year end is just around the corner. What did you promise yourself, or others, that you would do this year? Have you done it? If not, don’t beat yourself up, but do take a look at why. 9 times out of 10, the reason will be that your list lacks by-when dates. Without dates, a list of goals and objectives becomes nothing more than something you’ll get to when you have time, which usually means never. So, take a look! Recommit to doing what you said you were going to do, add by-when dates, and ask for help and accountability!

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

Do you ever find yourself worrying about getting somewhere that you’re not? Do you worry about landing a new job… reaching a sales goal… finding that perfect someone? Those are all valid examples of wants and desires, but worrying about not having those things does nothing to help you get there! What does help? A plan of specific actions you are committed to taking and dates by-when you will take action. Then, ask for help and accountability for doing what you say you are going to do! Worrying only creates mental exhaustion and confusion. Action with an accountability team beside you is what gets results!

Just a thought.

Clay S. Nelson

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