Our family and co-workers have been blessed to have Clay Nelson and his team in our lives for two decades. During that time his level of commitment, integrity, coaching and insight have been simply remarkable. His coaching grew our little company to a powerhouse in development and residential construction. His ability to see through the "noise" and determine the true source of problems plaguing a growing business have been truly inspirational. His commitment never flagged, and his devotion to absolute personal integrity in the work environment, as well as life in general, guided us into a fuller sense of consciousness to those around us and our obligation to live our very best selves. Don't ask him to help you unless you are serious! And if you are serious, get ready for real, positive change!

I am grateful to call him my friend, coach and mentor and offer him to you with my unqualified endorsement.

Andy Phillips, Andy Phillips Realty
Tyler, TX

Where do I begin? To truly see the man I am now, you would have to have known me before I started meeting with Clay. Working with Clay has been one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I had no clue I would be saying that back when I started. I was incredibly skeptical of any counseling or coaching. I was a control freak and lived by the mantra “if you want it done right do it yourself”. That mantra worked for a bit but it started failing me as I couldn't do anymore then I was already doing. I was stuck.

My business was growing, and I had lost control of not only it, but my life. I was very successful and very unhappy at the same time. I think I would have eventually lost it all had I continued on the path I was on or in the very least… would have continued on being miserable. Coaching with Clay has been life changing for me, and I am forever grateful to Clay for the time he spends with me. (read more)

Matt Schuyler, ST Custom Builders
Bozeman, MT

Clay has incredible intuition and is able to identify areas in your life that need attention. He effectively encouraged me to break free of old habits in order to get back on track towards health, happiness and business success. Clay opened my eyes to the fact that I am in control of my life and that I have the power and ability to make it what I want it to be. Because of Clay’s thoughtful and powerful guidance, I now have freedom and excitement back in my life and my mind is clear to pursue victory, not only in my business, but in all facets of my life. Allow Clay to do the same for you—I highly recommend it.

Trevor Pierson, Black Mountain Architecture
Bozeman, MT

My husband and I opened a business and had a conflict with some of our partners. We needed to talk to someone outside of the situation. My sister-in law was a client of Clay’s and she told us, “You must see Clay. He’s the guy.”

Clay saw right through me. His focus on acknowledging the problem pushed me to tell him what I wasn’t telling myself. This helped me realize that if I want to do something, I have the power to do it—in both my personal and professional life. Now I enjoy what I have more.

Clay helped us realize that, while we can’t escape work conflicts, we do have the power to change the situation and improve our business.

Ana A., Bozeman, MT

Clay prides himself on getting businesses to go from zero to sixty in no time, but my business doesn’t work that way. Instead, Clay has helped me to stay focused on my long-term goals and to accomplish them sooner.

Today, my business is expanding; I’m looking for a new office and will soon hire another associate. Working with Clay, I feel better about making these strategic decisions. Thanks to this peace of mind, my anxiety levels are lower and my work-life balance has improved. This is most noticeable outside the office, where I can focus on the task at hand without worrying about what’s going on at the office.

I’ve talked with people in my industry who see other business coaches, but don’t think they’re worth the money. I know the value is there with Clay.

CJ Mayer, Farm Bureau Financial Services and Insurance Agent
Bozeman, MT

I was so moved and impressed by the seminar [Clay] presented, I decided to hire him as my personal and business coach, ... commencing a two year professional relationship that was nothing short of life changing for me, both personally and professionally. Clay kept me on track and held me accountable for doing what I needed to do to take my business to the next level. His insightful observations and guidance delivered on a weekly basis helped me break through the road blocks I faced along the way to achieving my personal and business goals.

James McLagan
J. McLagan Builders, NY

As a busy, single mom working a minimum of 80 hours per week, the name of Clay’s business, “Life Balance,” struck a chord with me. I wanted to have more success without having to work all of the time, so I called Clay after I heard him speak.

Now I think of Clay as a grandfather with a whipping stick! He holds me accountable, provides fresh perspectives, and always looks forward to the next step. By working on scheduling and organizing my time better, Clay has helped me do more of what I love and less of what I don’t.

The most significant improvement has occurred in my “side business.” Usually, because of a big home show, March is my most profitable month. This year I hired Clay in March, and monthly sales have stayed at or exceeded that peak level! He's been tough and uncompromising in helping me reach this point, and I love him for it!

Cora Desantis
Co-Owner of Montana Parent Magazine and Team Coordinator with Norwex, Bozeman, MT

Clay has been very instrumental in improving both my personal and business worlds. He helped me go from living a "cubicle life" to building my dream empire in fewer than nine months. I could never have done it without Clay as my coach and accountability partner. He is a gem and really knows how to get things done.

If you are open and willing to change, you will change. Clay’s methodology and training will make you grow quickly, but you must be prepared for someone else to hold you accountable to making your own dreams a reality. It will likely be an emotional journey, but once you get over your own roadblocks, you quickly realize anything is possible!

So button your pants, tighten your running shoes, and get ready to go! There is no time like the present to make things happen!

Arison Antonucci-Burns
Real Estate Broker and Owner of Aspire Realty, Bozeman, MT


Replacing the Irreplaceable You Participant, International Pool Spa Patio Expo, 2010

Awesome presentation!

Being Unstoppable in an Often Stopped World Participants, Remodeling Show, 2010

[Clay] was to the point and eye-opening. This course made me realize my life flaws. I feel this gave me a new perspective on life management.

Not the typical presentation.

[The program contained] real world, real life advice to get what we want.

Clay always has new, current ideas… always life changing.

Real world - real stuff - great class!

My eyes opened. [Clay] you gave me hope.

Communication at the Jobsite Participants, Remodeling Show, 2010

I will change my communication practices with my co-workers and family and friends as a result of your program.

Very helpful in understanding what works and what doesn't work to get your knowledge into your team's head and how to work as a team effectively.

Click below to read full letters of recommendation from conference and meeting planners who have had Clay Nelson speak at their events.

Remodeling Show

Above knowing your material and your comfort in presenting your ideas Clay, you also know your audience and have a genuine one-on-one style in your presentations. The room could have 100 people but the interaction feels personal. It is no wonder the course evaluations we have received from your presentations gave you the highest ranking in speaker performance of all our presenters.

Paul Treanor
Sr. Conference Manager
Remodeling Show

NAHB Custom Builders Symposium

Clay is an energetic, passionate teacher who loves making a difference for those he has the opportunity to be with! To any conference manager or committee who is considering Clay Nelson as a speaker for an upcoming event, I recommend him highly!

Stephen K. Hann
President, Hann Builders

Gerber Homes

Clay Nelson is a dedicated professional whose concern is that he makes a difference with each and every person he comes in contact with...Clay's presentations are engaging, well organized and the accompanying handouts provide a great backup to the information presented.

John Graziose
CFO, Gerber Homes, Inc.

Texas Hill Country Home Builders Association

Clay has an uncanny ability to "read" the people he is talking to and bring out sincere emotional interaction in Board Rooms to Ballrooms...More than once I have seen the wait staff serving our 100+ member association literally stop in mid stride to listen to what message Clay was bringing the crowd.

Andrew B. Phillips, Sr.
Chairman & CEO
Hill Country Integrity Homes, LLC

Construction Business Coaching Clients

Clay produces results by bringing out the best in you. His no nonsense, get to the point attitude is addictive. And very helpful. I met Clay probably 15 years ago. To this day his friendship and support continues. Clay produces results.

Kevin Frasco, CGP, CAPS
President / Owner of Craig Custom Builders Inc.

My husband and I run a contracting business, and we hired Clay several years ago to help transform our business and bring it to the next level. Transforming the business was just one general, vague goal at the time. Clay fearlessly helped us to dig deep and go through the sometimes-messy process of examining our thought processes, the way we did things, and the way we lived. He helped zero in and identify things that got in the way of our ability to function successfully. Although life is not perfect, because we are not perfect, I can say there is definite overall improvement in the way our businesses and our lives function now, thanks to Clay and his staff.

Kim Noding
Beautiful Kitchens and Baths, Big Lake, Minnesota

I was so moved and impressed by the seminar [Clay] presented, I decided to hire him as my personal and business coach, … commencing a two year professional relationship that was nothing short of life changing for me, both personally and professionally. Clay kept me on track and held me accountable for doing what I needed to do to take my business to the next level. His insightful observations and guidance delivered on a weekly basis helped me break through the road blocks I faced along the way to achieving my personal and business goals.

James McLagan
J. McLagan Builders, NY

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