At any level of success, barriers can slow momentum or stifle creativity. Retreats with Clay Nelson help you overcome those hurdles. By determining who you are, what you want, and what's missing, you'll get back on track to reclaim and rejuvenate your focus. By choosing this productive direction, you give yourself the power to succeed.

The solid schedule of achievement you’ll create during a Clay Nelson personal or corporate retreat will transform your overwhelmed outlook into inspired action. Your greatest potential lies in living out your purposeful plan!

During your retreat, Clay will give you tools in the following areas:

Business Planning & Personal Planning

  • Find your ideal balance between your business and personal life
  • Discover what you really want (and do not want!)
  • Create the plan for your future: what you want, how to get it, and by when you will achieve it

Leadership Development

  • Discover the fun in being "visible"
  • Learn to become the question instead of the answer
  • Make being a leader easy

Team Building

  • Learn the value of an effective team and how to build one
  • Create innovative sales and production teams and outline their strategies


  • Be a more dynamic speaker
  • Master "difficult" conversations
  • Learn how to relate to people in new and effective ways
  • Learn how to "stay present" to the people with whom you are speaking
  • Learn how to verify whether what you said is what the person understood
  • Be complete in all of your communications

Delegation & Accountability Issues

  • Explore your leadership style and its effect on your team
  • Clearly understand the art of delegation
  • Learn how to hold yourself and others accountable
  • Develop management structures and procedures that get the results you want

For More Information

To learn more about our Personal and Corporate Retreats or schedule a free telephone consultation with executive business coach Clay Nelson, please contact Susan Nelson at 406.587.7482 or email

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