Personal Planning Workshop

Our culture today says, “To be successful, work more than forty hours a week. Prioritize work over everything else. And forget about enjoying your work!”

Sound familiar? Yet, even as you live this way, you wonder if there isn’t another way to live. There is. Though you experience success, something feels like it’s missing. There is. Despite your family having all they want, you lack true happiness. Why can’t you have it all? You can!

The Personal Planning Workshop is the place to create your route to fulfillment. Here, you have the opportunity to design your life, your business and your future the way you say you want it to be.

This workshop has three focal points:

  1. Discovering your purpose
    Most of us have a bigger purpose; one that we haven't been able to articulate. In this workshop, we help you discover your purpose and how to live true to it.
  2. Developing a personal plan
    Most of us take care of others before we take care of ourselves. In this workshop, we help you develop and embrace a Personal Plan by asking questions like, "What recharges you? What gets you pumped up, excited, and motivated? What brings joy to your life?" By creating and following a plan, you become powerful, energized, and unstoppable. And you will take on your responsibilities with equal power, energy, and drive.
  3. Creating a team
    Beyond the people that work for or around you, you will create a team of powerful individuals committed to living by their purpose and personal plan. They’re also committed to helping you do the same.

For More Information

To learn more about our Personal Planning Workshop and schedule a free telephone consultation with executive business coach Clay Nelson, please contact Susan Nelson at 406.587.7482 or email

[Hiring] Clay Nelson as a coach was a life changing move for my personal life and business career. During our weekly discussions Clay helped me build a solid foundation for my business life through accountability for myself and others... He also helped me understand the importance of creating a work life balance to achieve my maximum potential as a leader both at work and at home.

Jeff Hamburg
Vice President at Donley's Concrete Group
Raleigh, NC

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