What’s Next? Workshop

Consider this: What if you had the opportunity to ask and discover, “What don’t I know I don’t know?”

You read that right. The two-day Clay Nelson Life Balance™ What's Next? Workshop teaches a quick and easy strategy to open your mind to new possibilities, and to develop the plans to achieve everything you declare that you want for yourself and your company, while having fun doing it!

Used in both business planning and personal planning, the practical A—»B Strategy can address any issue that may be stopping you and/or your team. It’s also an effective team building, delegation, and accountability tool. In this workshop, you will learn how to utilize this strategy for goal setting, then develop plans to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.

In addition, the What's Next? Workshop will also provide you with the space, tools and supportive coaching necessary to explore these questions:

  • Am I living the life I love?
  • Am I being my purpose?
  • Am I really present when I speak to others?
  • Am I present to what's missing?
  • Do I use my Personal Plan so that it serves me every day?
  • Am I having any fun planning out my future?

So, quit delaying thoughts of the future—harness the power within yourself and ask, “What’s Next?!” to get everything you want!

* The Personal Planning Workshop is a prerequesite to participating in this invitation-only workshop.

For More Information

To learn more about our What's Next? Workshop and schedule a free telephone consultation with executive business coach Clay Nelson, please contact Susan Nelson at 406.587.7482 or email susan@claynelsonlifebalance.com.

I found your workshop the finest in all that I took in Vegas last year, I have been listening to the CDs that I won and am passing them on to others that I think are similar to me in actions. I am setting my goal this year to spend more time delegating and leave more time for my family and myself!

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